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Why People Diet

Dieting is a vital part of our lifestyle. People often pick up a diet plan to remain healthy and lose weight. Diet Plan is also suggested to detox the body and ensure physical wellbeing. Most diets are healthy and help to improve body functioning. They help the body to heal after a session of overeating. There are many positive effects on the physical and mental wellbeing of dieting. A healthy diet is a crucial link to physical wellbeing. So, the rule is to avoid magic diets and responsibly choose a diet. The diet should benefit you physically and mentally and should sustain you in the long run.

Internet Fads

These days many people pick up diets from the internet. Many such internet fads usually include crash diets. They become popular which makes them much followed. But it is vital to choose not just the diets that are popular. One should avoid following a harmful diet and aim for better health. It is also crucial to look at the research on these diets.

Harmful diets if not followed properly.

1. Acid-Alkaline Diet – 

It is popularly known as the alkaline ash diet and is used to reach a goal weight. The diet is popular as it increases the output. The diet helps to keep the body neutral. This diet includes alkaline foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. It results in weight loss and decreases the risk of cancer and arthritis. It sounds promising, yet this diet has many adverse effects. It doesn’t promote eating carbohydrates, which can harm the body. The diet includes plant-based food intake. The diet lacks proper research. 

2. Paleo – 

This diet encourages us to eat like the hunters. The Paleo diet can remove vital elements from the body. It doesn’t include legumes, oils, dairy, trans fat, and processed food. Instead, one needs to eat root vegetables, nuts, fruits, and seeds. Dieticians do not recommend this, as the idea of it is not acceptable for all. People adopt various types of foods mainly based on geography. Therefore, removing certain foods that can be a part of a specific geographical region might harm the body.

3. Ketogenic Diet – 

The Keto Diet has been designed for epileptic patients. It was an internet fad, and celebrities promoted it. It is believed to have many benefits like fat loss and higher brain function. The diet is not healthy as it allows less than 10% calories intake. It does not focus on the quality of food.

4. Juice Cleanse – 

It is more of a quick fix than a diet. The juice cleanse includes detoxifying juices that cleanse the body. The result of the diet doesn’t last. It is not based on any research. A cleanse that lasts only a few days might not deliver any results. It is not a permanent solution. Once the diet is over, old habits rush back, and you will start eating unhealthy again.

Importance of a Wellbeing Coach

It is crucial to ensure that the diet you choose suits the body. In such a scenario, you should look for a wellbeing coach. A well-being coach can improve our food intake and prevent us from taking a harmful diet. They should promote a diet for health and better body functioning. A well-being coach. More importantly, a Wellbeing Coach empowered with Joygraphy can offer a holistic solution based on your detailed assessment and based on your Joygraph score.


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Get in touch with us to design customized solutions for your requirements. Our customer success team will connect with you within 24 hours and assist you with your queries.

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Get in touch with us to design customized solutions for your requirements. Our customer success team will connect with you within 24 hours and assist you with your queries.

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