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Only-of-it's-kind Wellbeing Technology Company

We are a Well-Tech company that develops research-driven, innovative and scalable solutions to assess and quantify individual and organisational wellbeing.

Our approach to the question of assessing wellbeing is uniquely “integrative”, combining and comparing wellbeing across several facets of individual and organisational social interaction.

Our customised reports will offer analytical intelligence for the changing times where skills, personality traits and behavioural patterns play a key role in an individual’s success, as well as an organisation’s HR plans and functions.

Abhijit Dabhade, a Mumbai (India) based Educationist, started the journey in 2018. He was soon joined in this endeavour by Dr. Vishal Ghule, a Pune (India) based Psychologist and an accomplished Psychometrician.
Together they embarked upon a journey to make this complex subject of Wellbeing into something simple, accessible, and applicable. The goal is to equip individuals and organisations with their human insights. The end product is the result of deep research. The research has scientifically proven and globally applicable psychological and social models as its base.

Joygraphy is the creation of a team with a combined experience of over 70 years. The team has vast experience in the field of existential psychology and clinical psychology.
What makes this a unique product is research at the core by experts and PhDs in Education, Psychometrics, and Clinical Psychology on the Models, Indicators, analytics and underlying theories. The inputs from Relationship experts, mindfulness experts, and educationists culminated in the founding of Joygraphy in 2020. The process also incorporated inputs from corporate gurus, wellbeing proponents, and technology leaders.

At Joygraphy, we create Analytical Intelligence, Assessment and Interventions in Personal and Organisational Wellbeing.

Uniquely, we focus on Insights and Consequences beyond the assessment, resulting in an action orientation that is valuable to you and measurable by you. These Insights and Consequences are synthesised across multiple facets of social interactions, resulting in an all-round view rather than an insular, narrow view of wellbeing.

We offer six standard models, tested and validated by thousands of person-hours of assessments and interventions. These models are based on cutting edge research emerging from best institution and other authoritative sources spread worldwide.

Our Models are aligned to United Nation’s “Sustainable Development Goals”, and OECD’s “Better Life Index”. We have International Alliances that aim to spread our work to users across the globe, while also highlighting any emerging best practices and industry trends.

Our tools are multilingual, being focussed on ease of use and value to the assessor; we can customise our models to suit your requirements as closely as you would wish!

The Team

Abhijit Dabhade
Dr. Vishal Ghule
Dr. Vishal Ghule
Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer
M.A.(Psy.), M.Phil., NET, M.P.M, Ph.D.
International Affiliate & Member: APA, SIOP, ICT
Tanveer Bhagat
Tanveer Bhagat
Chief Financial Officer
Anuradha B.
Anuradha B.
Head IT
Aparna Dixit
Research Associate
women placeholder
Ketaki Jogalekar
Research Associate
women placeholder
Mira Desai (Talathi)
Research Associate
Neha Raut
Neha Raut
Graphics Designer

The Advisors

Dr. Nitin Paranjape
Dr. Nitin Paranjape
niket karajagi
Niket Karajagi
man placeholder
Dr. Bhaskar Shejwal
Ana Gómez
Ana Gómez

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Abhijit is passionate about education and social causes that can bring positive changes in an individual’s life, which has drawn him to ‘turn around’ institutions by making them impactful and not just profitable over the last 20 years. He is an innovator and pathfinder and has made notable contributions in fields as diverse as Ed-tech, Skill Assessments, Sports Management and K-12.

His focus has always been on driving high social change through education, and lately, wellbeing technologies.

He has worked in leadership capacities with Indian and multinational organisations. As Regional Manager in an international leader in educational assessments, he successfully developed the largest team of partners in the entire South Asia region while delivering robust growth.

He played a major role in development of India’s first Sports Management degree program where none existed in the country, creating several national level assessment tools for aspiring students and working professionals for careers in sports management, and his video-based talks on the topic rank among the top 5 in the field. Abhijit developed innovative education initiatives to bring international practices in rural Maharashtra, India benefiting hundreds of children in the state.

Among other notable milestones, his design and delivery of assessment tools for a blended learning Nordics-based company that has recently been acquired by one of the largest Investor funds of Northern Europe.

He was recently awarded Young CEO of The Year 2019 by the American College of Dubai.

As part of his social impact endeavours, he is Official Spokesperson for India for the International Wellbeing Economic Alliance (WEALL), in the past has also served on the task force groups and education committees of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Mumbai University.

Abhijit did his graduation from Fergusson College, Pune and then went on to do his double post-graduation in Mass Media, University of Pune and Marketing Management from Tack Training International, UK and holds certifications in Emotional Intelligence, Counselling and Wellbeing Science by Yale University, US.

A leading research scholar in the area of Psychometric tool development known for ability to design and develop Human Behavioural Assessment and analytical tools with unique insights!  

Over the past 18 years he has developed over 300+ tools that have contributed in the area of  wellbeing, police reforms, gender neutrality and friendliness, school student career planning and development, parenting, skills identification and interventional strategies successfully for many organisations and impacting 20000+ people in private and public sector in his career so far.

He has been associated with different private and public agencies as an expert psychologist – Maharashtra Police, University of Pune, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune Municipal Corporation, Maharashtra State Prison Department, Ministry of Child and Women Welfare. In the Employee Engagement, Pre-recruitment, Behavioural and Stress Management areas, Vishal did some notable work with Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, Maruti Suzuki, Pune City Connect, Sakal Media Group, Haldius Chemicals and CLR Skills. Vishal has also been associated as master trainer and facilitator with global leader in assessments, Pearson Clinical and talent assessment. 

Dr. Vishal is also a practicing, Existential Psychotherapist, 2000+ working professionals are benefited from his practice so far. He has completed 14000+ career counselling sessions in 18 years of practice. Numerous seminar and lectures on career counselling, Psychometry, Existential psychotherapy. 

With several research and white papers published to his credit in national and international journals in the area of psychometry, positive psychology, health psychology, counselling as a scientific tool for youth development and wellbeing, adult and adolescent mental health and statistical modelling of psychometric tools. 

Hundreds of students continue to benefit from his passion to mentor them to develop Psychology professionals who contribute in positive development of the society.

Over the past 10 years, Tanveer has demonstrated an acumen for developing and implementing process and Internal Controls for Start Up Companies.

He advises various non-Indian Companies for setting up their offices in India, as well as being tasked with assignments related to raising finance, Debt Restructuring and similar matters.

He has experience in SME Public Issue, Corporate Planning, Structuring and Re-structuring of Units, and has also helped organizations in their growth and improvement trajectories.

Anuradha has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, with exposure to varied fields such as DB Administration, Education ,Data Analysis, NLP & Research. In the course of those years, she has worked with highly mature organizations and institutions such as Google, CTS, Wipro, Menlo College and Cygnus Technology, with a bent towards creativity and positive leadership.

She has also been associated with the service Industry at Nudge (a non-profit organization for uplifting downtrodden people in villages and small towns), and as a Communication/ Life Skills Trainer and Translator at Wycliff Associates (An American Non- Profit Organization).

Aparna Dixit has a MBA and Masters degree in clinical Psychology.

Aparna is a trained remedial teacher for children with Learning disabilities. She has worked with schools to develop and deliver remediation programs for children who struggle in reading, writing and mathematics.

She also trains teachers and parents to be remedial teachers. She has written content for a government supported teachers training portal which helps mainstream teachers work with children with Learning Disabilities in classroom settings.

Aparna is a behavioral therapist with special training in REBT. She works with adults and adolescents to help them with psychological issues like depression, anxiety, addictions etc. She also trains budding therapists and counsellors. She has written a therapy manual to help counsellors work with youth from slum areas.

Aparna has a background of Experiential Education which helps her to keep her corporate talks and workshops playful and interactive. She delivers talks in corporate offices, hospitals and schools (for teachers and staff) on the importance of mental wellbeing, stress management, team building, Women safety awareness etc.
Aparna is passionate about recreational writing and running half marathons.

Ketaki has a postgraduate degree in psychology, and an MPhil in Clinical Psychology, with a RCI-registration.

Having been associated with prestigious hospitals and institutes for clinical work and teaching, she believes in not just providing her clients with the therapy but also with the necessary tools that make them self-sufficient in dealing with their own concerns. She has had a wide vista of experiences in the clinical settings and yet continues to be just as eager to learn about human nature.

Her interest in understanding human nature draws her naturally to psychometric tool development, and she looks at joygraphy as a holistic approach to understand human behavior and motives.

Mira is a psychometrician and research consultant with 5 years of experience in designing tools and experiments in cognitive, emotional and physical wellbeing domain of psychology.

She is also a lecturer in field of statistics and research methodology for social sciences for past 8 years.

She is involved actively in creating application-based learning thereby enhancing participation and making such learning accessible.

Neha is an artist and a graphics designer by training and aspiration.

She is an optimist and detail oriented, and craves clean lines, organized desks and creating innovative solutions for cohesive experiences.

With an undergraduate in Sociology from Mumbai University and Diploma in Communication Desigh from The Indian School of Design and Innovation, she is well placed to contribute as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

A Gynecologist by training and technologist by profession for over 30 years, Dr. Paranjape has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) title for the past 17 years. Passionate about technology and education, Dr. Paranjape has coached over 330,000 professionals across 18 countries and well over 3000 customers over the past two decades.

He is also a Change Management Consultant (PROSCI – ADKAR methodology), and has over 1000 blogs and articles to his credit, besides several books on technology.

Niket is a Mechanical Engineer and MBA, Author, Tech Educator, Podcaster, Blogger, ICF Accredited Business Coach and Organizational Development Facilitator with over 25,000 hours of Consulting and Training delivered across over 175 organizations worldwide. He has designed and implemented over 120 Training Courses and OD Interventions.

He is a Certified Coach for Marshall Goldsmith’s “Stakeholder Centered Coaching Process”. He is also a certified MBTI, FIRO-B practitioner, a DISC Assessor and Trainer, a Saville Certified Trainer with International Accreditation, a certified Emotional Intelligence and Appreciative Enquiry practitioner, certified in Entrepreneurship from WhartonOne, as well as certified in Design Thinking from University of Virginia.

He believes strongly in research-based scientific and systematic analytic approaches towards coaching and training interventions

Dr. Shejwal is Professor Emeritus, Savitribai Phule University, Pune.

He retired as Head, Dept of Psychology, Pune University, he has also served as  Head, Dept of Physical Education at Pune University. In his 30 years at Pune University, Dr. Bhaskar has conducted Post Graduate courses in Psychology, Statistical Methods and Psychological Testing, Personality, Motivation and Emotion, Personnel Psychology, Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Development, Industrial Psychology and Organizational Development. He has also nurtured several PhD and MPhil candidates.

His own PhD is in the field of Personality and Stress, with research work in Personality, Motivation, Emotions, Stress, Crowding and environmental issues, Human Resources Development and Organizational Development in the Public and Private Sectors. He has published over 20 articles in National and International Journals, and co-authored a book titled “Statistics and Psychological Testing”

Ana Gómez is the Network Lead for Wellbeing Economy Alliance – WEAll. With over 25 years of field experience and thought leadership, she has contributed to several fields of knowledge.

She has worked on sustainable livelihoods and eco conservation projects around the world, from Canada to New Zealand. Previously, she worked at Centro Cultural de Idiomas (CCI). She is passionate about Cultural Intelligence, about networking and the power of collaboration.

In her career prior to WEAll she worked for different corporates but working for CCI supporting children and grow-ups to travel to learn languages and other cultures was probably the most inspiring one until she joined WEAll. Responsible Tourism and Network Building are her two of her many passions.

Get in touch with us to design customized solutions for your requirements. Our customer success team will connect with you within 24 hours and assist you with your queries.
Get in touch with us to design customized solutions for your requirements. Our customer success team will connect with you within 24 hours and assist you with your queries.
Get in touch with us to design customized solutions for your requirements. Our customer success team will connect with you within 24 hours and assist you with your queries.