heart attack and mental stress
Heart Attack and Metal Stress are turning out to be common diseases these days. Read here to know more about them and ways to deal with them.

Heart Attack and Mental Stress: Curse on Human Health 

Living in the 21st century is like living fast forward. The advanced technology and high standards of living come at a cost. The value of such a lifestyle is costing us our physical wellbeing. Stress has become a part of our routine life that is no longer considered dangerous. However, people are trying to talk about mental health. It is the first step to cure mental illness. On the other side, a heart attack is the big life taker of a large population worldwide. It is high time to understand the mind-body connection to ensure a healthy life.

What is a heart attack?

A heart attack happens when the flow of blood is blocked. It may be because of fat, cholesterol, or a blood clot in the arteries. It can be harmful to the heart muscles and damage any part of the heart.

What are the causes of a heart attack?

When fat, cholesterol, clot and other substances block one or more coronary arteries, it causes a heart attack. Other factors contribute to a heart attack:

1. Stress: Taking too much stress can cause high risks of getting a heart attack

2. Diabetes: Low insulin increases blood sugar level thereby causing a heart attack.

3. Obesity: Increased weight is a sign of high cholesterol which contributes to the risk of a heart attack.

4. Age: Persons aged between 45 – 50 are likely to get a heart attack.

5. Tobacco: Consuming tobacco in any form leads to the risk of getting a heart attack.

 What are the two stress pathways?

Mental Stress– It is an emotional or mental strain. Mental stress is the result of the release of stress hormones that can cause multiple mental health issues.

1. Depression- It is the most common illness among adults. It is the outcome of high-stress levels resulting in low mood and energy.

2. Anxiety- It is different from depression as one feels overwhelmed instead of being sad.

3. Irritation- If you are stressed, it is natural to feel irritated on small things and have low patience.

4. Low memory and lack of focus- Stress leads to low memory retention power. One is unable to focus on the tasks if stressed.

Physical Stress– Having a high level of stress can have a dreadful effect on the body. Personal wellbeing is severely at risk because of stress.

1. Low energy and personality disorder

2. Headaches, stomach aches, and skin problems

3. Obesity and eating disorder

4. Sleeplessness and panic attacks

5. Irritation and other behavioral changes

Silent Killer

Stress can work wonders if it is in small quantities. However, a high level of stress can become a silent killer. We focus more on the effect of stress as an illness instead of the cause. Mental stress can cause atherosclerosis and high blood pressure.

Connection of stress and Atherosclerosis

High level of stress or chronic stress can increase the risk of Atherosclerosis. It is a stress disease that causes the thickening of blood vessels due to the build-up of fats, cholesterol, and plaque. It can further cause strokes and heart attacks.Connection of stress and blood pressure– When we have stressed our body releases surge hormones which result in increased blood pressure. It makes our heart beat faster and harms the blood vessels.

Stress is less about the stimulus and more about the reaction to the stimulus. How do you react to stress? How does it affect your mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing? Take this free assessment from Joygraphy and check out your Physical Wellbeing score. It might surprise you with the result.


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Get in touch with us to design customized solutions for your requirements. Our customer success team will connect with you within 24 hours and assist you with your queries.

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