Job Satisfaction
Employee wellbeing makes a person a better employee. Have you ever asked yourself if you have job satisfaction at your current employment? Click here to get an idea about it.

Job satisfaction is a feeling of contentment about the work performed at your workplace. It impacts employee turnover, productivity, absenteeism, and other aspects. 

Job satisfaction is a measure of employee happiness and employee wellbeing. A balanced professional and personal life plays a significant role in workplace wellbeing.

Concept Of Job In India – Stability And Fixed Income

In India, stability and fixed income are at priority rather than job satisfaction. After completing Higher education from a renowned educational institution, most students prioritize jobs over entrepreneurship and aim to secure a job in a multinational company. Here the sense of stability and a source of fixed regular income affect their decision-making. It plays a vital role in the starting phase of their career. Similarly, these two impact their sense of job satisfaction majorly. Employees tend to look over other crucial factors associated with job satisfaction. 

No-Risk Mindset

At the starting point of a career securing a well-paying job provides a sense of achievement. Job security plays a vital role in employee happiness. Many candidates prefer jobs where the risk of losing the job is lower even if the amount of job satisfaction associated with the job is not up to the mark for the employee. 

Passed On From Generation 

For Indians, the mentality of getting a job is passed from one generation to another. Often it is seen from a family of working professionals, someone getting into entrepreneurship. Hence, the family supports getting a well-paid job. Though, factors affecting job satisfaction differ from generation to generation. These days new generations look for better organizational policies and brand names. Whereas, the previous generations always searched for better stability in an organization.

Clock-In Clock-Out

Clock-in and Clock-out is a time monitoring system. It records the in and out time of an employee at the workplace. Similarly, for the work-from-home concept, log-in and log-out times are recorded. The in-out time plays a significant role in the annual employee assessment. This system is effective for tracking working hours and overtime. It also helps employees manage work-life balance and, thus, it eventually improves productivity.

Creativity Stifled

Creativity stands for the ability to self-express uniquely. In an organizational system, if employees’ creativity is not honored, it may lead to poor job satisfaction. Creativity is stifled when an employee is forced to perform a task or job in a preset manner. Honoring creativity through talent engagement programs adds to employee happiness. It ultimately results in employee job satisfaction.

Trim To Fit The Herd

When employees have not placed a role that ensures optimum utilization of their qualifications, talent, and experience, they feel demotivated and less interested in work. Engaging employees in a task that is not giving the sense of recognition affects the feeling of contentment associated with the job. A challenging job keeps employees motivated. The techniques of job rotation, job enrichment, and job enlargement are to be practiced often.

Loss Of Personal Voice

The organizational policies or hierarchy may not allow an employee to share his views on a particular issue. Through the Employee Participative Program, employees should be allowed to share their opinion or ideas at the workplace. When an employee is given a chance to speak, he believes he is heard. It makes him feel a part of the organization. It forms a better work culture and environment.

Job Satisfaction – A Question Never Asked Or Discussed.

A question rarely asked or discussed – are you satisfied with your job? 

An organization that values its employees is considered a good organization. Job satisfaction is equally crucial for the organization as well. Lower job satisfaction affects the mental wellbeing of an employee. High or better job satisfaction is reflected in the quality of work. All organizations should conduct regular assessment sessions of job satisfaction levels for all their employees.

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Get in touch with us to design customized solutions for your requirements. Our customer success team will connect with you within 24 hours and assist you with your queries.

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Get in touch with us to design customized solutions for your requirements. Our customer success team will connect with you within 24 hours and assist you with your queries.

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