PCOS and wellbeing
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is also known as PCOS. It is a female sex hormonal imbalance syndrome. With the help of a balanced lifestyle and personal wellbeing, managing PCOS is possible. Read here to get more about it.

What is PCOS?

PCOS is a hormonal syndrome. Women often suffer from it in and around reproductive age. PCOS causes irregular or lengthy menstrual periods or surplus male hormone (androgen) levels in women. The ovaries may cultivate several small pools of fluid (follicles) and fail to recurrently discharge eggs. PCOS is a physical and psychosocial problem. It affects the mental health and personal wellbeing of the women having it.

The prime symptoms of PCOS are:

  • Hirsutism, which results in unwanted body and facial hair
  • Increased risk of health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Infertility
  • Menstrual Dysfunctions, and
  • Obesity

All the above symptoms increase stress hormones. It is advisable to perform meditation or yoga as they help in strengthening mental health. A healthy diet and lifestyle also help much in improving hormonal health. It lets the affected woman feel and perform her best.

Causes of PCOS

Although; the precise causes of PCOS are unidentified; there are a few reasons that may result in causing PCOS.

  1. Excess Androgen: If ovaries produce high levels of the male hormone androgen, the risk of developing PCOS increases. It could be stimulated by insulin resistance or low-grade swelling.
  2. Genetics: If a close relative like mother or sister has PCOS, then there are most likely chances of your developing it too.
  3. Surplus Insulin: It can affect ovaries and their capability to ovulate.
  4. Unbalanced Lifestyle: Women with unhealthy food habits, irregular sleep cycles, and less than required physical activity in a day are susceptible to hormonal imbalance that may eventually cause PCOS.

Rising Incidence of PCOS

According to a study, one out of every five women in the world is struggling with PCOS. The occurrence of PCOS in India in 2021 is around 22.5%. The hectic lifestyle is backing up increasing Body Mass Indices which leads to PCOS. Another research foresees that more and more women will develop PCOS as fatness becomes a bigger problem globally. Obesity can be a sign of PCOS, and being obese worsens other indices of PCOS like unproductiveness and insulin resistance.

Lack Of Wellbeing Leading To Increase In Such Hormonal Disorders

Hormones are couriers of our body. They help in monitoring and handling the function of major developments in the body. They assist in maintaining balance within the body. Even small hormonal imbalances can root for severe health problems in the long run. If this is not managed well, the next age band will carry this situation ahead. PCOS opens to Unhappiness, Nervousness, and Eating disorders. 

PCOS can be coped with the help of a balanced lifestyle and physical wellbeing. It consists of a healthy diet such as avoiding sugar intake and fast food. Also, including sprouts, vegetable salads, fiber-rich food in the diet, and regular exercise is a must. Sufficient sleeping hours play a vital role as they reduce stress level. 

Thus, it is advisable to take care of physical and mental health. Do not let your stress hormones win over your happy hormones. Life will never lose its pace; you have to take a hold of it. Try fixing a schedule for exercise, yoga, or meditation. Remember, there is no treatment for PCOS but only for its symptoms.

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Get in touch with us to design customized solutions for your requirements. Our customer success team will connect with you within 24 hours and assist you with your queries.

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Get in touch with us to design customized solutions for your requirements. Our customer success team will connect with you within 24 hours and assist you with your queries.

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