Career Wellbeing

Helps Build Lasting Careers

How do you feel about your Career, and why?
Get insight into aspects of your interests: what is your occupational personality – which sector or job profile would suit you? Take a deep dive into these aspects and your values and ability, the connection between your passion and performance that contribute to long term and sustainable career growth and therefore happiness

This is a powerful self-assessment tool that will guide you to take informed decisions about your career (or how to select a suitable career) for an individual, or equally allow organizations to assess fitment of employees to careers, and workplace hygiene in general

Research indicates sustainability in career can be achieved if there is congruence in employee values, work values and organizational values; this Model is uniquely developed to correlate work values of an individual to the organization/ job and work profile

The gap between ability and aspiration is one of the strong predictors of career wellbeing. Millennials in particular are more inclined to pursue their passion- and sometimes at the cost of proficiency. Joygraphy psychologists are experts in mapping the ability and aspiration discrepancy and bridging the gap with appropriate intervention

For individuals, if you are facing any mid-career crises or planning to switch your profession you can benefit from the information reflected in your career profile: understanding your zone of interest and strengths can help you identify appropriate career paths and further planning and training to acquire such paths

The report arising out of this assessment is called the “Career Joygraph”

What it helps to Identify?


Insight into aspects of values and abilities that define long term and sustainable career growth and therefore happiness


Informed and insightful career succession planning for individuals and organizations


Realistic passion and proficiency fitment


Occupational personality analysis and profiling

Benefits of Career Wellbeing

Establish Job-Sector-Profile Suitability

Offers “job function suitability” to determine exact job function in a field or organization.

Mid-career Crisis Solution

Career-crisis solution for individuals and job fitment, position fitment solutions for organizations.

Informed Career Shift

Career shift, second careers: this is a comprehensive tool to design career plan for career coaches and coaching professionals.

How People Transform with Career Joygraph

We provide comprehensive insight into aspects of values and ability that should be considered for long term and sustainable career growth (and therefore happiness with the career).

Following the assessment, we design a personal/ organizational development plans or coping strategies to achieve personal/ organizational wellbeing

Who can use this Career Wellbeing?

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