Personal Wellbeing

Boosts Personal and Organisational Flourishing

Each of us is unique and special in some way: we perceive and cope with variety of life experiences differently. How can we leverage this to improve our Wellbeing?

Personal Wellbeing encompasses aspects such as coping mechanism, self-perception, perception of others, self understanding and emotional intelligence (comprising understanding emotions, expression of emotions, regulation and management of emotions)

These are analysed in the Report arising out of this Assessment, also known as “Personal Joygraph”

This Joygraph helps you understand how your unique identity has shaped up and your perception of the world around you and how you deal with it. It will help you navigate your life and understand the dynamics of your personal being in order to achieve meaningful ambitions and lead the journey with happiness

What it helps to Identify?


How you introspect, your thoughts, feelings and behaviour


Ability to sense, accept and respond to own and others’ emotions


How you appraise and perceive some situations, and how you adapt


Your communication style and interpersonal skills

Benefits of Personal Wellbeing

Improved Self Understanding

Integrated overview of subjective wellbeing indicators that no other tests can offer Clear psychological image that you have about yourself

Happy You!

Explain ingrained and explicit patterns of thought and behaviour that impact Personal Wellbeing

Know your Strengths and Weaknesses

A clear understanding of your behavioural strengths and weaknesses

How People Transform with Personal Joygraph

We provide comprehensive insight into personal wellbeing – to understand the factors that affect an individual’s happiness.

We integrate several perspectives and present an all-round view.

Following the assessment, a personal development plan or coping strategies to achieve personal happiness could be designed.

We quantify the outcomes of the assessment, so that you can baseline your Wellbeing scores, and obtain multiple “dipstick” checks over time to assess changes to your Personal Wellbeing

Who can use this Personal Wellbeing?

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