Physical Wellbeing

Know the Mind-Body Connect

Physical Wellbeing considers the relationship between your mind and body. Understand the medical or physiological, and the mental or behavioural facets that interact and contribute your Physical Wellbeing

Physical Wellbeing is about making healthy choices, especially our attitude towards health, understanding stress and effectively dealing with bodily repercussions of stress, etc.

It includes lifestyle behaviour choices you make to ensure health, avoid preventable diseases, and live in a balanced state of body, mind and spirit.

There are broadly two areas covered under Physical Wellbeing: the medical or physiological, and the mental or behavioural areas.

We consider biological and genetic predisposition to wellbeing, environmental and drug vulnerability, family, peers and societal inputs to Physical Wellbeing, as well as attitude towards health, stress symptoms, physical indicators arising from lifestyle, health-risk behaviour, etc. to form a comprehensive picture of Physical Wellbeing.

We have localized these measures, for example including Indian and Asian food habits and preferences, urban lifestyles and cultural nuances.

The report arising out of this assessment is called the “Physical Joygraph”.


What it helps to Identify?


Analysis and insights for the wellbeing of the mind and the body


Factors such as Lifestyle, habits, stress, sleep and their effect on physical wellbeing


Understand social and biological susceptibility to health problems


Relationship between health, mental and spiritual dimensions

Benefits of Physical Wellbeing

Positive Mind-body relationship

Helps achieve overall health by getting insights from psychological, social and lifestyle factors

Better Personal Health Plan

Design customized solutions in nutrition, diet and set up individualized physical developments plans

Sustainable Good Health

Insight into corrections to lifestyle and attitudes in achieving physical wellbeing.

Personalised Physical and Sports Training

Gymnasiums and Coaching centres lead to enhanced physical health but this tool helps in making those changes in lifestyle habits that lead to real physical wellbeing for lasting success

How People Transform with Physical Joygraph

We provide comprehensive insight into relationship wellbeing – to understand the factors that affect an individual’s happiness and wellbeing from the key relationships the individual holds.

One could design employee health development or wellness centres and coaches can develop personalised physical training and coaching plans.

Who can use this Physical Wellbeing?

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