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Build Healthy Relationships

We are all consummate social beings. The relationships we cultivate in our lives are essential to our happiness and health and impact our sense of wellbeing deeply. Get insights into how well the various relationships are contributing to your Wellbeing.

Relationships are an integral part of human life. The people around us impact our living and can help us grow and find happiness. At different stages of life, different kinds of relationships assume priority

Feeling good in a relationship encompasses one or more of the following dimensions:

  • The extent of participation
  • The spontaneity and ease of interaction
  • The ease of forming positive attachments with other people
  • The ease of communicating for many other interpersonal and social purposes
  • The ability to work together productively
  • Clarity on roles and responsibilities, boundaries.

These are analysed in the Report arising out of this Assessment known as “Relationship Joygraph”

What it helps to Identify?


Behavorial insights for relationship development


Insider view on problem solving and solution management in the relationship


Intimacy indicators and other key factors covering all types of relationships


Personal as well as professional relationships covered in the same scale

Benefits of Relationship Wellbeing

Improved Relationship Dynamics

Accurate determination of issues and factors for improvements over all types of relationships- go beyond visible and obvious symptoms.

Joyful Teams

Interpersonal issues and training inputs in leadership, inter-personal and team building programs.

Happier Marriage/Partnership

Marriage issues – intervention plans, therapy plans, counselling plans can be designed out of these reports.

How People Transform with Relationship Joygraph

We provide comprehensive insight into relationship wellbeing – to understand the factors that affect an individual’s happiness and wellbeing from the key relationships the individual holds.

Following the assessment, one could design a personal/ team development plans or coping strategies to achieve personal/ team wellbeing

Who can use this Relationship Wellbeing?

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