Values & Motives

Discover your biggest ‘Assets’, your ‘Values’

Values are the deepest beliefs and experiences embedded in everyone’s psyche, and set up or influence motivations that each of us have driving us on our own life trajectories. How can we leverage this to improve our Wellbeing?

We help identify the deepest motives which in common day to day language are called ‘values’, to understand latent causes of human expressions and behavioural patterns.

We deeply explore values and motives in the area of Ambition, Materialism, Status, Power, Sensory and Physical needs, Social-conformance, affection and information.

These are analysed in the Report arising out of this Assessment (also known as “Values & Motives Joygraph”).

This Joygraph explains the role of values and motives in life and wellbeing, and is a catalyst for creation of many types of interventional plans

What it helps to Identify?


Real Needs and Motives that define Personal Values


Why you behave, the way you behave


Key aspects of psychological makeup of a person

Benefits of Values & Motives

Value Driven Job Role Fitment

Personality profiling and Behavioural analysis/ mapping on the basis of values/ motive to determine job profile and role fitment.

Understand What Drives you at Work?

Predictive analysis of work place behaviour, relationships and occupational success.


The most crucial tool to understand or enhance self-understanding, to decode why an individual behaves in a particular way.

Employee Development

Consumer behaviour, risk taking behaviour, employee attitude, emotional development, leadership styles, job performance can all be derived from this tool.

How People Transform with Values & Motives Joygraph

We provide comprehensive insight into the deepest foundations of the psyche, the foundations of human personality.

Patterns of conscious and unconscious behaviour, thoughts, reactions, coping, etc. are all analysed in this Joygraph.

Following the assessment, a design of a development plan or coping strategies to achieve or enhance personal or organizational happiness could be achieved.

Who can use this Values & Motives?

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