Workplace Wellbeing

Enhances happiness & productivity

Unlock the Resilience, Transformation and Optimal Performance of your people and business. Understand the core enablers of employee engagement and organizational performance.

Promoting wellbeing can help prevent stress and create positive working environments where individuals and organizations can thrive. Wellbeing can be a core enabler of employee engagement and organizational performance. The Workplace Wellbeing Scale measures various aspects of working life. It is used to describe your performance in the workplace, including contextual & behavioural factors such as:


What it helps to Identify?


Productivity issues mapping


Contextual performance issues


Cultural challenges


Organizational citizenship behavior

Benefits of Workplace Wellbeing

Enhance Engagement

Understand the factors that increase engagement and involvement of employees

Boosts Longevity

Design employee wellbeing programs that will lead to lesser attrition, greater involvement & longevity of the employee

Explore morale

Understand what drives an employee beyond salary and perks

Motivational factors

Assess motivational factors that determine employee behaviour and design interventions

Know obstacles

Understand obstacles to cultural change initiatives and change management initiatives

Job dissatisfaction

Understand why an employee looks for a job change or career shift and what is affecting the employee’s behaviour

How People Transform with
Workplace Joygraph?

Current tools in the marketplace assess Workplace Wellbeing only partially, and it becomes difficult to integrate insights enough to drive meaningful conclusions or interpretations.

This single tool offers coherent indicators for happiness, job satisfaction, organizational behaviour and quality of work life.

Following the assessment, a personal or organisational development plan could be designed for coping strategies to achieve personal or organisational wellbeing.

Who can use this Wellbeing Solution?

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